Oct 6 2009

iPhone – 3GS Camera not saving Pictures

If you have recently Jailbroken the iPhone 3GS with the new OS 3.1, you may have noticed that if you take a picture the camera now tries to save the picture but eventually gives up and in your camera roll you see a black thumbnail instead of the nice picture you just took :). You say why, wth is goin on?

Well, its because the picture folder’s owner is now set to “root” for some reason and the camera app can’t access the picture folder. The easy solution is to change the folders permission to 777 so that the camera can write to it.

1. Log in using SSH
2. change permission of the following folders to 777

Voila! Camera is working again :)…

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3 Responses to “iPhone – 3GS Camera not saving Pictures”

  • Alexander Says:

    Is there a way to MANUALLY back up photos, that were originally synced with iPhoto? How can I transfer complete Photo Albums from my iPhone to another computer? I only found the pics, that were shot with the iphone in my Media/DCIM/100APPLE folder. Where are all the other photos (Photo Library shows 3264). Many thanks to whoever has a solution for this!

  • Saqlain Says:

    A perfect solution which works JUST FINE!!!!!

  • ydgluver Says:

    Well, I have a slightly different prb and I can’t seem to find a solution for it. I’ve tried to put a pic for each one of my contacts, but the pic doesn’t seem to get saved for some reason. My iPhone 3GS either goes into safe mode or the picture is no longer there when I go back to my contact list after saving it. Is there something I could do to resolve this issue? I’m able to take pix and save them inside my cam roll w/o a prb.

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