May 3 2009

Amazing Bicycling by Danny MacAskill

Checkout the amazing Danny’s Bicycling moves. Added with a very cool music, a nice video and the Result is Awesome!!

Mar 13 2009

Adamo By Dell

Dell is releasing a new very slick and sexy Laptop. They named it Adamo.

It looks really cool and I think it is definitely something I might “fall in love” with as they have done an excellent job with the ads. Well done!!


YouTube Adamo By Dell

It resembles a lot to the new Macbook though, doesn’t it? So, it’s not a very new concept as far as the design is concern but it’s good that we will now have a very stylish and elegant looking Laptop added to the “PC” family too.

Given, the specs are as comprehensive as it’s look, I would surely be very interested to get my hands on to one of these Adamo’s.

Jan 26 2009

Neural Networks

I have been busy working on Neural Network Projects. It’s quite fascinating how computer is getting closer by the day to almost replicate a model of how a human brain functions.

I will probably write up an article on this soon but for those who are curious about neural networks, here are two lectures from a Professor in India. This gives a basic illustration of the concept behind Artificial Intelligence/AI.

Introduction to Neural Networks

Introduction to Neural Networks
YouTube Introduction to Neural Networks

Back Propagation

Here is my instructor, Professor Geoffrey Hinton giving Lecture on really advanced Neural Network stuff:
A great site to learn Neural Network:

Jan 7 2009

The Brave Graeme Smith!!

Although I would love to start of with saying that South Africa once again pulled of a miracle but this time it wasn’t to be. This time South Africa lost in the 5th day of the 3rd Test against Australia but it is the Never Say Die attitude which I always admired about South Africa and they once again showed that with a tremendous partnership between the 2 tail order batsman Ntini and Dale Steyn.

Graeme Smith takes his broken hand off the bat as he plays a defensive shot on Day 5 of the 3rd Test Australia v South Africa, Sydney

Graeme Smith takes his broken hand off the bat as he plays a defensive shot on Day 5 of the 3rd Test Australia v South Africa, Sydney

And when all hope were gone after Steyn got out and there was no way that the South African captain Graeme Smith could come to bat in the last wicket, “Smith walked out at No. 11, looking to survive 8.2 overs with a broken hand, his own blood recently injected into his right elbow, and a desperate Australian attack”

It was a special moment in World Cricket and for me, watching Smith come out from that dressing room to bat in No. 11 with his broken hand and all the Australian crowd giving Graeme a standing ovation was really inspiring.

Although I always admired Graeme for his wonderful leadership but my all time heroes were Jhonty, Cronje, Donald, Pollock…..Smith surely made his place in my heroes list today for his brave effort and great leadership.

Here are some links:

Feb 11 2007

A Long Drive Home in a Canadian Winter Storm!!


On the path to home, 20 mins journey extended to 5 hours...


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