Mar 23 2010

Disabling Quicktime as Firefox Default mp3 Player

If you have Quicktime plugin for Firefox, annoyingly enough, Quicktime takes control and becomes the default mp3 player for your browser and leaving no option whatsoever to change the default mp3 player. Even if you change the  Tools -> Options -> Applications settings to change the default player, it will have no effect as Quicktime has already Hijacked this setting from users.

Now, we go brute force and restrict these kind of plugins to take such controls in the future:

  • Go to about:config
  • Type ‘plugin’ in the filter box (minus quotes)
  • Look for ‘plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types’
  • If it already exists and contains a value, add ‘,audio/mpeg’ to the end of it, otherwise just change the value to ‘audio/mpeg’
  • Fully close Firefox, wait a few seconds for it to clean up and die
  • Launch Firefox again.. click an MP3 link..

voila! it does whatever you’ve specified in your Firefox Options -> Applications.

Oct 6 2009

iPhone – 3GS Camera not saving Pictures

If you have recently Jailbroken the iPhone 3GS with the new OS 3.1, you may have noticed that if you take a picture the camera now tries to save the picture but eventually gives up and in your camera roll you see a black thumbnail instead of the nice picture you just took :). You say why, wth is goin on? Continue reading

Apr 1 2009

98 Dodge Caravan Dash Light Blinking/Flashing

It’s kind of late to be posting this, almost 11 years that is :) but keep on reading and good thing will unveil slowly!!

My 98 Dodge Caravan, recently I had to take it’s battery out for some maintenance and after putting the battery back in when I started the car, weirdly enough, all my dashboards lights started flashing (the lights on the wiper and climate control buttons).


98 Dodge Caravan Dash Board

Continue reading

Jan 20 2009

Clearing NetBT in XP to Repair Network Connection

Today after starting XP with the “Last Known Good Configuration” option I lost the network connectivity on my Desktop. Although Internet was working fine but “Microsoft Windows Network” would not list my network computers and when I tried the Network Connection repair option, the error message I kept getting was “Windows could not finish repairing the problem because following action cannot be completed: Clearing NetBT”.



So the logical approach was to first find a method to clear NetBT and after  following these steps below, I was able to clear NetBT and get my network connectivity back in XP. Continue reading

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