Jun 28 2009

OSx86 – Changing Default Kernel

wiki.pngOSX by default uses a kernel that is placed in the root directory "/" and loads from a file named "mach_kernel".

So in order to replace the default kernel, all you have to do is to replace that file with your own kernel file. But remember, the kernel you are replacing with must be compatible with your current system otherwise you will not be able to boot.

In my case, I have several kernels in my root directory anv, voodoo, kabyl, and vanilla. I would like "anv" to my default kernel. To do that open the terminal and type following command’s :

   1: // backup your current kernel First

   2: // Enter your password

   3: // replace your current kernel with new one "anv"

   4: // Change the owner to root

   5: // change the file permission


   7: > sudo cp /mach_kernel /mach_kernel_old 

   8: > (type your password) 

   9: > sudo cp -f /anv  /mach_kernel

  10: > sudo chown root:wheel /mach_kernel* 

  11: > sudo chmod 644 /mach_kernel* 

Now reboot and you should be booting with your new "anv" kernel.

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  • senthil Says:

    Thank you for the helpful instructions. I had to do this after an update and wasted a lot of time because I did not know that the kernel got changed.

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