Aug 14 2009

Compressing a Servlet Project into a .war file

In order to compress a ‘pets’ servlet/web application/project into a "Web Archive" file named pets.war which can easily be imported in Eclipse or other IDE”s or can easily be transported to another server, Execute the following commands in the terminal:


   1: cd \webapps\pets 


   3: // Use the java archive command 'jar' to bundle up your application

   4: // compress everything in this directory into a file named pets.war

   5: // (c=create, v=verbose, f=file)


   7: jar -cvf pets.war *


Now you can copy pets.war to any webapps directory on a new Tomcat Server. If Tomcat is running, the war file will be automatically decompressed and a web application named ‘pets’ will be created in the appropriate directory as soon as you save it!!

Please let me know if it helps :).

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