Mar 13 2009

Infolinks Ad Integration WordPress Plugin

The Infolinks Plugin for WordPress 2.9++.

Infolinks In-Text Advertising are the double underlined links you will see in this website. This plugin enables you to integrate infolinks In-Text Advertising in one click!


  • Control whether or not to integrate in-text advertising in comments.
  • Control whether or not to integrate in-text advertising in contents/post of your website.
  • Add any customization provided by the infolinks website during integration.
  • Individual post control for turning Ads ON/OFF in a particular post.
  • Most importantly, the plugin is very small and only executes 2 calls to integrate it to wordpress thus making it very FAST!! Unlike other plugins which clutters with too many options and eventually contributes to the slow down of WordPress.

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Mar 1 2009

Enabling Line Break “<br>” in WordPress

Finally!! A permanent solution in order to prevent WordPress from filtering line breaks "<br>" from a post.

In spite of trying various methods such as putting line breaks "<br>" inside "<code>" tag and many other such HTML tricks (many of which can be easily found at WordPress) just to be able to put multiple intentional line breaks in a post, wordpress would eventually manage to filter those line breaks. Even if the tricks were successfully applied, when it came to re-editing a post, all efforts would go to vain when TinyMCE initiates its own filtering process. Continue reading

Jan 3 2009

WordPress on Windows IIS Server with SMTP

WordPress 2.7 runs very smoothly on IIS 6 with PHP 5.2.x or greater and MySQL 5+. One of the problem I found after installing was the fact that wordpress doesn’t provide any option to configure SMTP email servers and when you are on IIS, you pretty much need that all the time to run any PHP application with email communication support, so I was surprised not to find that option in WordPress, given that all the other aspects of wordpress are very highly configurable.

I found this nice little plugin that does exactly that: Continue reading

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