Mar 13 2009

Infolinks Ad Integration WordPress Plugin

The Infolinks Plugin for WordPress 2.9++.

Infolinks In-Text Advertising are the double underlined links you will see in this website. This plugin enables you to integrate infolinks In-Text Advertising in one click!


  • Control whether or not to integrate in-text advertising in comments.
  • Control whether or not to integrate in-text advertising in contents/post of your website.
  • Add any customization provided by the infolinks website during integration.
  • Individual post control for turning Ads ON/OFF in a particular post.
  • Most importantly, the plugin is very small and only executes 2 calls to integrate it to wordpress thus making it very FAST!! Unlike other plugins which clutters with too many options and eventually contributes to the slow down of WordPress.

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Mar 1 2009

Enabling Line Break “<br>” in WordPress

Finally!! A permanent solution in order to prevent WordPress from filtering line breaks "<br>" from a post.

In spite of trying various methods such as putting line breaks "<br>" inside "<code>" tag and many other such HTML tricks (many of which can be easily found at WordPress) just to be able to put multiple intentional line breaks in a post, wordpress would eventually manage to filter those line breaks. Even if the tricks were successfully applied, when it came to re-editing a post, all efforts would go to vain when TinyMCE initiates its own filtering process. Continue reading

Jan 14 2009

Elegant-Grunge-Mod, Customized Version of the WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme Elegant Grunge originally designed by Michael Tyson has lots of functionality and has a simple yet sophisticated look… but I felt the original version was using up a lot of screen area for no good reason and there were lot of scrolling needed to be done for the user. Along with many other areas the header was unnecessarily big and the content needed to be scrolled down to, I found this wide space used throughout the theme as a usability issue. So I customized the Elegant Grunge WordPress Theme and also added some new features in the Elegant Grunge Mod version. I plan to add some more functionality soon on this one to make it more customizable i.e. adding built in Google Analytics feature, font changing option and some other stuff. Feel free to suggest ideas….



Download Elegant Grunge Mod


  1. Download the Mod from above (or below if you want to use other versions).
  2. Extract/Unzip it in your WordPress themes directory.
  3. In your wordpress Admins section got to “Themes” and click on Activate by selecting “Elegant Grunge Mod".
  4. That’s it!! You’re done.

Now the Mod will be your running theme. The Mod will be in its own folder and you DO NOT need to merge or Copy/Paste files or replace original files with the Modded one’s. The "Elegant Grunge Mod" itself is a fully functional WordPress theme and is ready to be used like any other WordPress Theme!!!


  • 1.4.2 (2009-05-20)

    • Fix - Header dropping Down on Widescreen monitors.
    • Menu Resized – Now can include 7 links
  • 1.4.1 (2009-05-16)

    • IE Photo Frame support option added. (Check in EGM theme options)
  • 1.4 (2009-05-16)

    • Drop Down Menu added [I got tons of request for this, so there you go :-) ]
    • Menu Brought Down below the top banner to improve usability.
    • Search Bar moved to top to save space for widgets in the sidebar.
    • RSS icon added at top.
    • Option Added for Category Drop Down Menu on Top.
    • Support added for Double Right Sidebar.
    • Support added for NO Right Sidebar.
    • Blog font related various change implemented for better readability.
    • IE 8 Fix for header image centering.
  • 1.3 (2009-03-15)

    • Option added to use any overlay plugin for photoblog thumbnails (tested with lightbox, lightview, shadowbox).
    • Fixed, "[/caption]" from appearing in sidebar photoblog thumbnails.
    • Photoframe extended to put caption inside the photoframe.
    • IE new photoframe now appears even without having captions (1.2 required to have caption using IE).
    • Avatar size increased
  • 1.2 (26/02/2009

    • Photo Frames Removed For Internet Explorer and replaced with different frame. This fixes the issue of broken photo frames that appears in Original Elegant Grunge Theme when using Internet Explorer. (check my websites home page in Firefox and IE to see the difference)
    • Maximum Image Size that can appear in a Post is increased.
    • Link Underline on Mouse Hover added to distinguish different Tags and Links.
    • Some font size changed
    • Post area font color darkened for better visibility.
    • Issues:
      • Caption Text is required In Internet Explorer to have the new frames around the picture . (Next release will fix this)
  • 1.1 (21/01/2009)

    • Fix: Header dropping Down on Widescreen monitors.
  • 1.0:

    • Blog post area increased
    • Header area space decreased
    • Option added for excluding links from top Menu
    • option added
    • option added
    • Individual Post control for Digg,com and added
    • Post area Font changed with a more readable one
    • Icons added for Author, category, Tags, Comments
    • In many area a lot of space between objects are reduced to make everything more compact in one place unlike the original version where everything was spaced out a lot and was occupying a lot of screen area with less information.

Old Downloads:


  • To add to a post just use "Custom Fields" area in the "Edit Post" Page and enter digg with value 1.
  • To add to a post just use "Custom Fields" area in the "Edit Post" Page and enter addthis with value 1.

EGM Adding options

  • To Excluide Links from Top Menu just use the Elegant Grunge Themes Options Menu and enter the Page ID’s seperated by commas in the "Exclude Links from Menu" to exclude links from top menu.
Exclude Links From Top Menu

Jan 3 2009

WordPress on Windows IIS Server with SMTP

WordPress 2.7 runs very smoothly on IIS 6 with PHP 5.2.x or greater and MySQL 5+. One of the problem I found after installing was the fact that wordpress doesn’t provide any option to configure SMTP email servers and when you are on IIS, you pretty much need that all the time to run any PHP application with email communication support, so I was surprised not to find that option in WordPress, given that all the other aspects of wordpress are very highly configurable.

I found this nice little plugin that does exactly that: Continue reading

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