Apr 1 2009

98 Dodge Caravan Dash Light Blinking/Flashing

It’s kind of late to be posting this, almost 11 years that is :) but keep on reading and good thing will unveil slowly!!

My 98 Dodge Caravan, recently I had to take it’s battery out for some maintenance and after putting the battery back in when I started the car, weirdly enough, all my dashboards lights started flashing (the lights on the wiper and climate control buttons).


98 Dodge Caravan Dash Board

I was pretty sure this must be some issue related to “reset”. So I took it to show the guys at maintenance and they told me right away that I need to replace my battery with a new one, which seemed very illogical to be honest.

So I start searching for some sort of reset and surprisingly enough, I found one!!

Following the steps below, I was able to stop the light blinking/flashing on my Caravans dashboard:

  1. Start the van.
  2. Slide the temperature lever all the way to the left (full cold).
  3. Turn the Mode Control to ‘panel’ (the one that sends air to your face only).
  4. Turn the ‘blower switch’ to all the way to full.
  5. Now go to the leftmost three buttons. Press and hold the top one (rear wiper on constant) and the bottom one (rear wiper washer fluid) until the lights come on solid then begin to flash, and then you can let go.
  6. The AC will now calibrate. You will feel the air blow out of all the different zones at different intervals and see lights come on and go off. Then after a minute or two the top button you pressed will be slowly flashing. This means it has been completed.
  7. Press the last flashing button and you are done.

Now that was fun to see it actually work and not to mention saving almost $200 on replacing the battery was a big reward too.

I was aware of resets in modern devices such as Xbox 360, PS3 or remotes that has these sort of hidden sequences that executes certain reset protocol but to find it in a 11 year old van was really surprising. I am pretty sure that this sequence still exists in the new caravan models, so if you are having similar sort of problems you may want to give this a try in newer models too.

I hope this helps someone too, let me know if it does.

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41 Responses to “98 Dodge Caravan Dash Light Blinking/Flashing”

  • Andy Says:

    Thanks Very much!
    I finished the work accord to that. And it was really back to normal.
    I also thought to sell my van before that.
    So good job!

  • Roger Says:

    Often, after doing these tests for the first time, the Cool Down Test fails, and the A/C and the Recirculation indicators flash simultaneously (though, just these two instead of the four.) Simply run the Cool Down Test independently by pressing simultaneously the A/C and the Wash Buttons. Hold for 5 seconds, and allow the test to run.
    This may take more than a few runs to finally set. Mine worked when I ran the test as soon as I started the car the next time (after the car had cooled off completely overnight). When all lights go out except for the Rear Wiper, push the Rear Wiper to exit. Success!

    Some have suggested turning the compessor off and running the car for 15 minutes previous to the Cool Down Test. This did not work for me. But it is true that if the compressor is cold (with condensation), the Cool down test will usually fail. Try, try again. If your A/C compressor is in good condition, it will eventually set. If nothing seems to work, your A/C might be have a problem.

  • David Says:

    Thank you very much for publishing this – It worked perfectly!

  • Patrick Says:

    WoW!– I think I would have sold my van before thinking of that one. Thank you so much.

    However, I still have 2 out of the 6 lights still flashing. The lights that are now flashing are the snowflake, the recycle air, and the rear defrost does not seam to light up, but I can hear it clicking on and off.

    Any suggestions for this one?
    Thank you,

  • Mike Says:

    You were very helpful, your instructions were right on the money. Thanks so much for posting them.

  • Thi Says:

    Thank you, I followed your direction and it worked amazing; your intruction is very specific and direct. I read other instructions and confused with rear wiper and intermittent wiper pressed simmultaneously. They never mentioned a
    wash button that need to be pressed.

  • wavy Says:

    Have had the flashing lights for 5 years and even the Chrysler service guy couldn’t help … although I am sure he could have fixed it for a few hundred dollars. I followed the steps here and it worked first time.
    The interesting thing with this is that everything works … AC/Recirc/rear wipers, and the LED’s stop constantly flashing after 15 minutes of running.
    Million thanks for this post.

  • RayRay Says:

    Nice job, sincerly. Ive always did my own work on the vehicles we have. That one with the lights was tricky but i knew someone knew the trick. AweSome!!!!!

  • Marc Says:

    I have been driving around for a few years with blinking lights knowing they go off after 15 minutes but don’t effect anything. Thanks for the reset instructions!

  • Travtc Says:

    Bro, I got three words for you…. Your bad ass!!!!

  • Bob Says:

    Thank you so much….my daughters car battery died, I recharged it and looked like she’d just have to get used to the blinking lights. Thanks to your information, we were able to fix it….just like you said!
    Thanks again!!

  • Sam Says:

    This happened after I replaced my battery a few months ago.
    You are wonderful.Thanks

  • Jorie Says:

    We replaced our battery months ago and it started blinking. We recently had a new engine put in and I thought for sure that would make it stop but it didn’t! The shop said it was a diagnostic tool and he believe it meant a module was going out. I was looking on here to figure out which module when I came across this. It worked!!! Thank you so much. (Ours is a 98 caravan as well)

  • James Says:

    THank Ive tried many time with other site to get this to work your instructions was on the money . thanks again .

  • Levison Says:

    You are a jewel! We could not figure out what was wrong with our van and we had it loaded up and ready to roll out of the garage on a mini-vacation when this happened to us. Your advice was perfect!

  • Says:

    You’re wrong; it’s never too late. It worked flawlessly. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. The family will be happy to have the AC back. Now if I could just figure out the intermittent up-shift problem….

    Thanks again. I can’t wait to say to Mom and the girls, “The AC? Oh yeah, Rubayat fixed it.”

  • brandon Says:

    worked just how u said…THANK YOU!

  • wyman ray Says:

    fixed my friends van thinks

  • Jose Says:

    Awesome, it work exactly the way you explained, thank you very much!!

  • michelle Says:

    also what do you mean on the last step. Press the last flashing button?

  • michelle Says:

    I tried this and it worked for the left hand three blinking lights but the two right lower lights are still blinking? Any new suggestions, it is driving me insane!

  • Dar Says:

    Thank you so much….Went to autozone..they had no clue……You really helped me out……

  • Julio Says:

    Thanks for your post and answer, it works as a champ. my poor wife was in the verge of a nervous breakdown watching the annoying blinking all the time.

  • Andrew Says:

    Thank you so much! Your instructions worked great on our ’97 Grand Caravan.

  • Stacey Dodge Says:

    AMAZING! We tried this after our battery went dead on our 98 Dodge Caravan! Perfect instructions! You are incredible!