• Worked in a 4th year project (CSC404) and created 3D games for PC and XBOX360. Got best review among multiple teams from two different campuses. Among the reviewers were several leading game designing industries and University students. This project involved:
    • Creating 3D Models, Adding Skeleton for character animation, Adding Textures, Applying Lighting/shadow/effects.
    • Creating Collision Detection System among various objects in the game.
    • Level designing, various matrix calculations for camera orientation, objects placement, controlling characters motion.
  • Worked in a 3rd year project (CSC301) and created the fastest running Speed Scrabble Client using JAVA to win the final competition among 22 teams. This project involved:
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Algorithm analysis in order to fine tune client to achieve maximum running efficiency.
    • JUNIT testing, standard input output handling.
  • Developed a web application using PHP+MySQL+Ajax for eBay users, which benefits sellers to manage their sales in an efficient way. This project involved:
    • Making API calls, XML data parsing, MySQL Database management.
    • Required strong HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, and CSS programming knowledge to design and implement various functionalities.
  • Created a “musikeyer” (keyer with audio feedback) device using Microcontroller having 12 analog inputs in an Electrical Engineering Project at University of Toronto. This project involved:
    • Microcontroller Programming (AVR) using C and Assembly language.
    • Interrupt Handling, Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • Worked in a 3rd year project (CSC318) Designing sophisticated thermostat system in order to reduce electricity wastage through heating/cooling at Toronto homes. This project involved:
    • Having strong team management skills, good writing skills, verbalizing, articulating, and discussing concepts and issues.
    • Gathering Data, writing Design Requirements, Designing Prototypes, and Usability Testing.

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