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Professional Skills

  • Languages:
    • C, C#, JAVA, Python, Shell Scripts, Assembly Language, SQL, Java Scripts, HTML, XML, Scheme, and Prolog.
  • Web Technologies:
    • PHP, AJAX, ASP, CSS, Flash Basics
  • Databases Management:
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL, JDBC
  • API and Libraries:
    • Java 2 SDK, J2EE SDK, eBay SDK
  • Platforms and Servers:
    • Linux, XBOX 360, IIS, Windows 9X/NT/2K/XP/Vista, Mac
  • Hardware
    • Microcontroller Programming
    • Circuit Board Designing, Breadboard Wiring, Soldering
  • Various Applications and Experiences:
    • Game Designing: 3D Game Studio, XNA, Blender
    • Experienced using Eclipse IDE, CVS, SVN, MS Office, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat
    • Low Level Network Programming (C, Wireshark), Server knowledge (FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS Management)


  • University of Toronto (St. George Campus)
    • Computer Science
    • Graduated with Honors (Specialist) in Software Engineering
  • New Model Degree College (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
    • Graduated with Diploma in Commerce

Projects & Accomplishments

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Work Experience

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  • References available upon request. Please use the contact form to request any additional information.