Jan 14 2009

Elegant-Grunge-Mod, Customized Version of the WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme Elegant Grunge originally designed by Michael Tyson has lots of functionality and has a simple yet sophisticated look… but I felt the original version was using up a lot of screen area for no good reason and there were lot of scrolling needed to be done for the user. Along with many other areas the header was unnecessarily big and the content needed to be scrolled down to, I found this wide space used throughout the theme as a usability issue. So I customized the Elegant Grunge WordPress Theme and also added some new features in the Elegant Grunge Mod version. I plan to add some more functionality soon on this one to make it more customizable i.e. adding built in Google Analytics feature, font changing option and some other stuff. Feel free to suggest ideas….



Download Elegant Grunge Mod


  1. Download the Mod from above (or below if you want to use other versions).
  2. Extract/Unzip it in your WordPress themes directory.
  3. In your wordpress Admins section got to “Themes” and click on Activate by selecting “Elegant Grunge Mod".
  4. That’s it!! You’re done.

Now the Mod will be your running theme. The Mod will be in its own folder and you DO NOT need to merge or Copy/Paste files or replace original files with the Modded one’s. The "Elegant Grunge Mod" itself is a fully functional WordPress theme and is ready to be used like any other WordPress Theme!!!


  • 1.4.2 (2009-05-20)

    • Fix - Header dropping Down on Widescreen monitors.
    • Menu Resized – Now can include 7 links
  • 1.4.1 (2009-05-16)

    • IE Photo Frame support option added. (Check in EGM theme options)
  • 1.4 (2009-05-16)

    • Drop Down Menu added [I got tons of request for this, so there you go :-) ]
    • Menu Brought Down below the top banner to improve usability.
    • Search Bar moved to top to save space for widgets in the sidebar.
    • RSS icon added at top.
    • Option Added for Category Drop Down Menu on Top.
    • Support added for Double Right Sidebar.
    • Support added for NO Right Sidebar.
    • Blog font related various change implemented for better readability.
    • IE 8 Fix for header image centering.
  • 1.3 (2009-03-15)

    • Option added to use any overlay plugin for photoblog thumbnails (tested with lightbox, lightview, shadowbox).
    • Fixed, "[/caption]" from appearing in sidebar photoblog thumbnails.
    • Photoframe extended to put caption inside the photoframe.
    • IE new photoframe now appears even without having captions (1.2 required to have caption using IE).
    • Avatar size increased
  • 1.2 (26/02/2009

    • Photo Frames Removed For Internet Explorer and replaced with different frame. This fixes the issue of broken photo frames that appears in Original Elegant Grunge Theme when using Internet Explorer. (check my websites home page in Firefox and IE to see the difference)
    • Maximum Image Size that can appear in a Post is increased.
    • Link Underline on Mouse Hover added to distinguish different Tags and Links.
    • Some font size changed
    • Post area font color darkened for better visibility.
    • Issues:
      • Caption Text is required In Internet Explorer to have the new frames around the picture . (Next release will fix this)
  • 1.1 (21/01/2009)

    • Fix: Header dropping Down on Widescreen monitors.
  • 1.0:

    • Blog post area increased
    • Header area space decreased
    • Option added for excluding links from top Menu
    • Digg.com option added
    • AddThis.com option added
    • Individual Post control for Digg,com and AddThis.com added
    • Post area Font changed with a more readable one
    • Icons added for Author, category, Tags, Comments
    • In many area a lot of space between objects are reduced to make everything more compact in one place unlike the original version where everything was spaced out a lot and was occupying a lot of screen area with less information.

Old Downloads:


  • To add Digg.com to a post just use "Custom Fields" area in the "Edit Post" Page and enter digg with value 1.
  • To add AddThis.com to a post just use "Custom Fields" area in the "Edit Post" Page and enter addthis with value 1.

EGM Adding options

  • To Excluide Links from Top Menu just use the Elegant Grunge Themes Options Menu and enter the Page ID’s seperated by commas in the "Exclude Links from Menu" to exclude links from top menu.
Exclude Links From Top Menu

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165 Responses to “Elegant-Grunge-Mod, Customized Version of the WordPress Theme”

  • Andrew Says:

    Love your work I am using this theme for my site very successfully!! Check out my site if you want.

    Best, Andrew

  • Scott Says:

    Hi, Elegant grunge works great for my site but I want to include some of your mods. How could I add the navigation drop downs to the original Elegant Grunge? Many Thanks Scott

  • Christopher Says:


    i’m stuck with your added icons before “The Author” and “Tags” etc. Where is that Code? I want the icons gone. I really like your modifications, but i do not want the icons to show up. Glad if you can help me.

  • MArina Says:

    Hi there, just wondering how I could make the RSS feed symbol smaller…a wee bit on the obese side! My skills are rookie like aswell so details would be very much welcome.
    Great mod mate!

  • Steve Says:

    Really like the modified elegant grunge theme. Need some help though…there is a green image at the bottom of most of the pages that I can’t seem to find in the code to eliminate it. Not sure if it is part of how the background was designed or ???. I would greatly appreciate any help. I have tried all that I can.


  • Mark Says:

    It’s possbile to move the double sidebar, one to left e one to right with the content at center?


  • Handstand Says:

    I love your theme, the mod works perfect. However I’m struggling with one thing. Suddenly the no-sidebar template doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Well technically it does , but graphical it don’t. You still see the graphics of the sidebar.

    How do I fix this. The no-sidebar template looks exactly like it should be.

  • Jeff Grubb Says:

    wondering if you can help out. Working on this theme, but not with your mods.
    The header doesn’t display centered in some versions of IE, but works fine with FF and IE6.

    Any suggestions ?

  • Bart Says:

    Please add all of the WP 3.1 postformats and make the commentsection more compact. Also a a wider collumn for the blogroll would be nice .. 670 px e.g.

  • Andrew Says:


    I down loaded your theme but for some reason can’t get the drop down menu to work on anything but the categories menu.

    Can you tell me how to make the drop down work? Better yet just tell me how to do a drop down on the original theme, as that I all I really want to change on it.

    Plus I like the feature of not displaying certain menus. But it seems if the menus function where to work you could control all that from the menus.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best, Andrew

  • Lakan Inocencio Says:

    Great work on this one! I’ve just downloaded it and am about to give it a shot.

    Thanks and major kudos to you for this!

  • Alan Says:

    What is the recommended image size to post with the photo frame enabled? I need to maximize the image.


    • Rubayat Says:

      Hi Alan,

      I don’t remember the exact size at this moment but with double side nav bar, I think 400px × 300px. With single Side nav bar you can try experimenting to see what best works.


  • David Says:

    Thank you so much for this mod. Its great.

    I have one problem, I dont want second level subpages in the dropdown top level menu.

    Am I making sense? This issue is driving me crazy, hope someone can help.

  • Rae Says:

    Dear Rubayat, I’m new to wordpress and i love the EG mod. good job for the mod. I’m facing a problem after i’ve activated this theme. The share post is working but the thumbnail is the orange RSS feed img and also the wrong text. i have tried many Share plugin but the problem still existed. Please help =(

  • techgainer Says:

    From past time when I am using this theme I really enjoying this. But I need to remove the search bar from header.

  • MarcyKate Says:

    Love the modified theme! However, I’m having an issue. I cannot access the theme options. Every time I try to click on the link, it just refreshes the page I’m currently viewing. I can’t change the header or layout without it – any suggestions?

  • rijans Says:

    awesome theme. I am using for my website.

  • JD Ryan Says:

    I love the mod…two things, though…
    What size should my header image to upload be? I uploaded one 880 px wide, and it’s not showing anything.

    How do I get the archives, meta, etc, to disappear from the sidebar? I don’t have them in my widgets. Thanks!

  • Stew Says:

    Hi Rubayat
    I have been using this theme for several months now and still really like it. (thanks again for your previous help when I was first setting up). I am wondering if you have tested it to see if it plays well with WP 3.0. I am reluctant to upgrade if there are any issues.

    Thanks in advance

  • B Says:

    I am new to wordpress and I love the EG theme, however I am having an issue. How do I get the comments area to show up so people can leave a comment?

  • Mike H Says:

    Great work on this mod, really appreciated. Just one question and it’s probably a relatively straight forward one.I’d like to reduce the size of the sidebar, giving more room for the main blog post. Can you point me in the right direction to change this? I’ve tried but it seems to break the formatting due to how the graphics are laid out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Rubayat Says:


      In order to reduce the size of the Sidebar you will have to modify the graphics, CSS, Menu, basically the whole structure of the theme. You modify one without the other its going to break down.


  • Coral Says:

    Hi! I love the mods you’ve made to Elegant Grunge. The huge amount of white space in the other version bothered me a lot but I loved the simplicity so much that I put up with it. I do have one issue that I can’t quite figure out. I’ve been using Custom Fields to track various metrics and in the other version of EG the Custom Fields always showed up on the top of every post. Your version doesn’t seem to do that, but I really want it. Is there a non-painful way to get them back?


    • Rubayat Says:

      Hi Coral,

      I don’t see the custom fields appearing in the Original theme, I don’t know how yours is showing. But if you want them appearing in the eGm, add < ?php the_meta(); ?>
      in the php source code, that will display those fields.

  • Mike Says:

    Do you know anything about the header not centering when opened in IE? I’m working on a demo for a friend and the custom header I created is centered on all other browsers. IE, however, makes it go left, yet leaves everything else (menu, content, etc.) centered.

  • Leslie Says:

    Hey I still LOVE this theme, but had a question.

    I want to add a shopping cart to my site and was going to go with wp e-commerce for the plug-in…so is there something I need to modify for the use of a shopping cart for this theme?


  • Carla Says:

    Greetings, I used the Elegant Grunge theme for quite awhile and loved it, however, for many reasons I have decided to go with the Thesis theme because of functionality. Still, I miss the look of the Elegant Grunge. I mostly miss the photo frames. They are outstanding. Is there some way I can get the Elegant Grunge frames to work with Thesis? Also, the photoblog feature in the side bar is excellent. I’d love to be able to use that feature. Have you considered making an Elegant Grunge theme available for Thesis? In the mean time, is there some code for those great frames that I could use? I’d appreciate your time and energy.


    • Rubayat Says:

      Hi Carla,

      I haven’t really looked into Thesis. There is no way to separate certain sections of the code for the photo-frame, its mixed in various parts but the main trick is done in the css file, if you want to look into it. It would take some time to integrate it into your theme but I can do it for you, please msg me if you are interested.

  • nokohaha Says:

    How do I create a nice categorey drop down like the one on the top of your page?

  • Stew Says:

    Just a follow up to my previous question. I wanted to see what the images looked like without the “photo frame” around them but I can’t seem to put the frames back on. I have clicked and saved the radio button but it won’t work. I deleted the theme and reloaded it but it still does not show up. Any help would be appreciated. I really want to use this theme, it has a great look.

    • Rubayat Says:

      Hi Stew,

      I think your monitor is wide screen which effectively producing in both side of the theme with a lot more empty spaces than the pic above. From its original structure this theme is a fixed-width theme because of its nice background, so if your monitor is really wide the theme will compensate the extra width with empty spaces.

      And I think your WP setup on the server has some problems which is causing the themes options not working properly or try turning off caching features in your WP.

      • Stew Says:

        Thanks Rubayat
        I have already disabled the cache and I had completely deleted all files on the server and then reloaded WP and re-imported all my posts from blogger but it made no difference. I’m wishing that I had never disabled the frames just to be curious!

        • Rubayat Says:

          I see the frames are back, what was the problem?

          • Stew Says:

            Hi Rubayat, sorry for the slow response.
            I really don’t know what caused the problem but I ended up deleting the old database and creating a new one. Once I installed your theme again is works fine.

            Thanks again for this modified theme, it is exactly what I wanted.

  • Stew Says:

    First, I really like this theme and particularly like how you have modified it. In the image you show of the modified theme, it appears nice and wide, just the way I would like it. But once downloaded and installed, it looks the same as the original, lots of wasted space on each side. Can you give me any advice please?


  • Aaron Says:

    You zips are all corrupted. I’ve tried downloading 1.4-1.4.2 and none are able to be opened by Windows Zip utility or even 7zip.

    • Aaron Says:

      Actually cancel that. If I click on the download link on the top left it works fine, but I was right clicking on the file icons themselves. It would download the zip file which was properly named but it would be corrupted. Very weird.

  • Buffy Says:

    Me again… What do I need to delete (and where) to remove the menu bar from across the top?

    Thank you again!!


  • Buffy Says:

    Hey again, Just wanted to say that I FINALLY figured out where to look for the rss and search code to edit and solved my problem. FYI other people out there…it’s in the header.php file. B-)

    Still not touching the menu font size issue so could use the help.

    Thanks again for the great mods!


    • Rubayat Says:

      Hi Buffy,

      Thanks for your comment :). Glad that you figured out the stuff by yourself. I think you also figured out the font size issue, its in the style.css file -> look for:

      #menu a {
      font-size: 16px;

      That will change the font size, hope this helps.

  • Buffy Says:

    Hi Rubayat,

    I’m really loving the changes you’ve made with the modified EG theme but have three small cosmetic things that I can’t figure out how to fix.

    I’m sorry to bother you here but I’ve looked in the WP forums and am not getting much help from them at all. (Most of the answers given there assume that I am at a certain high level of expertise and that’s not true, unfortunately)

    These little issues have been addressed in other posts here, but your answer to ‘modify the php code’ is too general to help me much. I’m not a complete .css rookie but do need a little more guidance. (I’m hoping that I am pitiful enough, you will be moved to help me out here.. Is it working? B-)

    Anyway, my questions are:

    1- I want to get rid of the search box in the header altogether. I’ve removed all the search code I could find in style.css but all it’s done is move it. Help! Do I need to delete the search php or something?

    2- Same prob with the RSS png in the header.I deleted the png but now have the RSS link sitting there. How do I get rid of the silly thing?

    2- I would like to make the font smaller in the menu bar on the header but after messing up the search box and rss issues, I don’t want to touch it. I just need some help on what to edit.

    My url is http://www.bodybubbles.com if you need to see what I’m talking about.

    Thanks for the great “tune up” on an already great theme and thanks in advance for your help.


  • Scott Says:

    Have you noticed that when you view the site in less than full-size, the theme’s layout is screwed up? I use this theme on my blog as well and that’s how I noticed it originally.

  • Janet Tortora Says:

    I totally love this theme but am having the options page issue with MU. Have you come up with an easy fix for someone who has not coding ability? I also love your modified version, perfect for an elementary group of students using primary sources.. thx janet

    • Rubayat Says:

      Hi Janet,

      The fix probably will be very easy but I have to install MU and do testing. I am outside the country right now and as soon as I get some time i’ll fix it with some more updates. Thnx

  • andré Says:

    Hi, that is great! One question: Can you understand why my header doesn’t look ok in IE? Thanks.

  • jeremy Says:


    Is there a way or could you make a way to
    1) In the top menu dropdowns, Make it so Page headers can’t be clicked. Example, I have a page, with two children.. i want the children to be clickable, but not the parent they belogn to (liek categories if you have it enabled)

    2) make it so you can use photoblog tag or theme photoblog functions in pages (only seem to work in postS)

    Thanks.. great work!

  • Bizzyenuf Says:

    Hi Rubayat:
    Two things –

    #1) Right now your site is totally wacko in IE7. Dark grey background, columns all over the place, etc. Perhaps you justed tweak some code that IE7 doesn’t like?? But it’s OK in Firefox. Thought you’d want to know. ;)

    #2) Regarding the more command. Though I like the idea of the way it looks graphically (I am aware it’s a .png image), I do not like the large size nor the fact it ends up down below a post and pushed over to the left.

    How do I override that, in order to put a simple bit of text (i.e. Read more ….) at the end of the last sentence where the command is placed as is usually found on most blogs?

    Or … if there is a way to keep the nice graphic, but make it smaller and coded to be in line with the last sentence, then fine.

    Thanks in advance if this is a tweak you can easily do at this time!

  • scottwgray Says:

    Hey there,
    I like the look of this, but before I install, I thought I’d double-check on something.
    Given that it is not a copy/paste overwrite, is it possible to revert back to the “normal” EG theme if your mod isn’t suitable?
    Thanks for the mod (and for answering the Q’s).

  • holyolli Says:

    Hi Rubuyat!

    thanks for the great work!

    I only have a small problem: When I want to save the options in the themes’ option menu, I get a “Error! Options page not found.”-message.
    Most probably it is, because I’m using WordPressMU…

    Do you have any solution or hotfix for this issue?


    • Rubayat Says:


      Unfortunately I don’t have WPMU installed. I will have to install WPMU to check and provide a fix for that. In the meantime, If you find a fix, please feel free to post here.


      • holyolli Says:

        Maybe this gives you a hint: http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic/12474

        Is there any function or call to get the correct URL of the correct options page?


        • Rubayat Says:

          That idea seems to be modifying WP core files and is intended for plug ins.

          I think it can be done modifying the Theme itself without tempering with WP files. I will have to look around though. If you have time, try comparing a MU theme and this one. See if you can figure out what needs to changed in EGM. Please post back if you get it done.

          • Orbits Says:

            I’m having the same issues with WordPress MU as well. The original Author of wordpress MU is no longer supporting the theme which is fine because I like your MOD better anyway :) :)

            Anyway, I’m getting the same error as holyolli:

            “Error! Options page not found.”

            Any help would be great!

  • Nins Says:

    Hi Rubayat,
    Thank you for modifying Elegant Grunge theme; even though without the original design you would not be able to tweak it.
    After reading all the response of all the customized version, none of them answer my problems as I know nothing about coding:
    1. By design there was no comment form on the pages only on posts. I would like to have comment form and show it off at the end of the page like with standard wp design theme. How could I do this?
    2. At the end of my “Home” page entries always appear with a white blank framed box, at first it’s because of the malfunction of the original EG design, and I changed it into the mod design but it still there. How could I fix this?
    3. I love your latest design in every way, except that I don’t want to have the search bar attached to the header, can I do this? Or should I use the older mod version?

    • Rubayat Says:

      Hi Nins,

      1. I will add it in the next release (its complicated).
      2. Edit your last post OR it is some plugin that is putting a small pic there which is causing the frames, you can also disable frames.
      3. You can remove it by modifying the PHP code, I will add an option in the next release.

      I will gather more requests like yours and hopefully sometime in future I will release the “next release”.

  • Joshua Says:

    Hey, love the mod. Question/problem:

    When I add categories to the menu, it’s buggin’ out on me. I’ll get the list, but it will disappear when I mouseover and/or not highlight the options. Special trick of the trade?


  • Brian Says:


    How do I add a category as a link at the navigation/menu area? Right now I can only add a page and that page becomes a link at the menu. Is there a way for a category to appear as a link at the menu? Sorry, I’m just not good with coding. :D

    • Steve Says:

      This was posted back in July

      How do I add a category as a link at the navigation/menu area? Right now I can only add a page and that page becomes a link at the menu. Is there a way for a category to appear as a link at the menu? Sorry, I’m just not good with coding. :D

      Is there a way to do this?

      • Rubayat Says:

        You will have to reprogram the PHP files. I don’t really see though why one would need a page listing all categories? but yeah you can do it modifying the code.

  • Brian Says:


    While I was checking at the Appearance > Editor. I noticed this > searchform_google.php What does this do? Is there a google CSE somewhere I can enable? :) Just in time because I want to replace the wordpress search which doesn’t work well.

    • Rubayat Says:


      I created that long time ago and used it in my blog which does uses Googles CSE and I also added the original search bar theme on that. Unfortunately I didn’t add any option to easily enable that feature for the users (was just an experiment) but you can try renaming the searchform.php to something else and searchform_google.php to searchform.php and then enable the search widget, it might work :). let me know…

      • Brian Says:


        I decided to have the search box replaced instead of the widget. Everything seems to be working well right now with google search results posted inside my blog.


  • Brian Says:


    I’m currently using your modded template. I don’t know if my problem has something to do with your template but I’m posting just in case you can help.

    It’s regarding the widget Recent Comments. I would like it to be in bullets. Because right now, my Recent comments are a bit confusing to read because you won’t know right away where an item starts. Same with my twitter widget.

    • Rubayat Says:

      hey Brian,

      You can change that widgets setting by adding

    • codes around it and also you can look at the EGM CSS to modify how the sidebar appears. Try looking for something “list-style”. Good luck!
  • Dr.Diana Wehrell-Grabowski Says:

    Hello, and thanks for the Elegant Grunge theme. I am having a problem with my home page. The home page shows..

    Not Found
    Sorry but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    The link to the site is below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance from anyone, Dr. Diana


  • dbgg1979 Says:

    In your comments, there’s a check box option to get notified by email, what plugin is that? I want to have this one too :)

  • dbgg1979 Says:

    Thank you very very much! Your mod answered everything! I like the Elegant Grunge because of its simplicity. But it also came with problems like you mentioned. Here are things I’ve been spending hours on which your mod solved for me.

    1. too much wasted space on header
    2. “no comments” – I wanted it to be something more obvious and something to suggest to viewers to leave a comment.
    3. So many more icons which are minor but add more life to the theme.

    Good job!

  • Erin Says:

    Hello Rubayat,

    I am trying to use the EG theme for my web site and was wondering if you would post the code that I need to fix the photo frame text wrapping issue?


  • DJ Says:

    Hi Rubayat, great job on the MoD, love what you have done. Can you do me a favor and have a look at my site. Been messing with wordpress for months and really like it but until I found EG and now EGM I was about to give up:)


    “Constraint Properties” not sure if thats the correct term but when I minimize the site in FireFox or IE the body text/photos overlap the the right site. Is this something to do with the template or my settings? Your website is fine so assuming its not the template but wanted to check.

    Also I think this is a a problem with the contact addin page but checkings. The body size is different and when I switch from either page 1,2, 4,5,6 (contact page is 3) the body moves a bit to the left. Is there a way to fix this or could you recommend a addin that works with your Mod?

    Thanks and great job again.

  • Chris Says:

    Another problem I have now encountered. If you view my page http://www.indiescreet.com/ in IE 7 (not sure about other versions yet) you cannot see the full header image due to it being covered by something.

    Just looking for a way to fix this before I go blindly tweaking lots of things.



  • Gib Says:

    My question is much simpler than most previous ones on this site. How can I make the font darker in my posts and pages?

  • Constantine Markides Says:

    Hi Rubayat.
    I’m unable to use certain plugins, like Tweet This and PodPress with the Elegant Grunge Mod (same goes for Elegant Grunge) without disabling all image frames because it creates a huge square frame around the small icons.

    I know that I can type the name of the image class under the “Don’t frame images with class” section of Elegant Grunge Mod admin area but I don’t know how to find out what the name of that image class is. I’ve tried typing the name of the plugin there (i.e. “tweet_this” or “podPress”) between commas but all that happens then is that ALL of my image frames get disabled for some reason.

    I can see you’ve gotten a lot of questions about these image frames and I’m sorry to add another but I’ve been dealing with this issue for months now without having found a solution. I assume there’s an easy solution to this, otherwise people wouldn’t be able to use many of the plugins with Elegant Grunge without disabling all frames. Any advice you have would be much appreciated.


  • Sven Says:

    Hello Rubayat,

    i would like to say that i love your mod themes and i use it. But i have a question did this new themes verison 1.4.2 works with the new WordPress version 2.8?

  • Michelle Says:

    I have been scouring the net for more than 26 hours (no sleep) looking for some way to override the default photo frame (post the image clean – as is). I am not a programmer or web developer, so I do not know my way around code, without clear instructions.

    I love this template, but really need to have some images on my site without the frames, as I use my site primarily for business (static pages).

    Firstly, would you please be so kind to provide me with some css to achieve this, as well as which file to put it into? I know it can’t be this difficult, but I can’t find any info as to where or how I can change this for specific images.

    Secondly, I would like to ask if you could consider maybe adding an option to the “Edit page” and “Edit post” panel regarding individual picture settings. Maybe a sheet listing all images included in the page/post with a small box next to each to select whether to turn off the standard formatting.

    I am almost at a point of begging :( but still won’t change my theme. Please, Rubayat, can you help me?

  • Chris Says:

    Ok, i managed to move the header into the right place, but now the image below the header has moved, as you can see on my website.

    I managed to get the menu to move up by using,

    #menu {

    but this does not seem to work for the image below the header.

    How can this be moved up?

    Thanks, Chris

  • Chris Says:

    I can’t seem to get my header image to fit on my website after changing to the modified elegant grunge theme.

    http://www.indiescreet.com/ – you can see the problem here.

    I tried a few things in both the css file and header file but to no avail.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bret Says:

    Thank you for the mod, I like the wider page and Nav placement much better. My question to you is there a way you can help me get this layout even wider? I would like to post images 900px wide and keep the 2nd column the same width?


  • Lior Says:

    Great modification – just want to know how o change the link colour in the theme to something more striking


  • Craigd Says:

    Hey guys, I like what you’ve done w/ EG. I really wanted to move the navigation bar below the header and you solved that issue for me… thanks! I do have a question though.

    Could you help me develop a code so that I can add a logo to the header and have it link back to ‘home’? You can see what I’ve done so far at http://www.unusualmpr.com in modifying the header. Now I’d like to add my company logo to the left side of the header and have it be clickable so that it will bring you back ‘home’ from any page.

    Hope this makes sense to someone.

  • Constantine Markides Says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Rubayat. Going for a mix of space efficiency and usability makes perfect sense. I’ll do some exploring and see if I can figure out which of the plugins may be causing the RSS feed to be offset when I use 6 links under the header.

    You’ve really done a great job with this modification. I especially like the wider pages, the narrower header, and the search in the header. I’m looking forward to see how you’ll be updating it in the future.

    I was considering leaving Elegant Grunge for a different theme, but thanks to your efforts, I’ve know got what I want. Much appreciated.

  • Constantine Says:

    Thank you, Rubayat, for the excellent work you have done and for answering our questions.

    I am having a problem because I have six pages that are listed underneath the header. Unfortunately, because the spacing for these page listings in your modification is much wider than the original spacing, the RSS feed is lower than it should be, thereby taking up lots of space. (you can see what I mean at my website: http://www.fourthnight.com

    I was wondering if you know how I might overcome this problem, besides using only 5 pages or less. Would it be possible for you to make the spaces between the names smaller (ie. I am a big fan of practically all of the changes you have made, but I liked the more narrow spacing between page titles of the original Elegant Grunge–also, this widening of the spaces between page titles that you have made, does not seem in keeping with the other changes you have made, considering that your new modified theme is about space efficiency). If I can do so easily by changing the code in the css stylesheet, do you know where I should do that?

    And one last thing, if I am not asking too much here. How do you manage to include your photoblog photos in a strip at the top of your page?

    Thanks for all your help and your fine design work.

  • Greg Says:

    One of the features I’m looking for in a theme (I’m using the original Elegant Grunge right now, regardless) is the ability to have a featured post. This is probably done with a static home page in some way or another, but I’m not that slick with the coding. ;-)

  • orion_black Says:

    I just installed your mod from elegant grunge. Unfortunately I had a big issue, whenever I go to the theme configuration I get an “Invalid Input 2″ error :(. Any idea?

  • Bizzyenuf Says:

    Hi Rubayat:
    Just installed and then uninstalled Mod 1.4 because I prefer the frames around photos. (Have been using Mod 1.1 because of that.)

    I am sure I’m not only person who’d like to take advantage of upgrades as you make them, but keep the frames feature intact for IE.

    Can you perhaps provide a file or tell me what and where coding can be changed/added in order to keep frames for IE??


  • Rubayat Says:

    EGM 1.4 is now available for download!! Please keep the comments coming to let me know how it’s working out for you guys :).

  • Paul Says:

    You say drop down menu has been added to Mod V.1.4 but the download is V.1.3…or am I missing something here?

  • Cass Says:

    Hi, Great work on this theme, one question what can I do to change the color of the footer strip.(Ash in Color)

  • Steffi Says:

    Found the mistake I made. My header is ok now
    Thanks again

  • Steffi Says:

    Thanks for modding the template. Many problems I had so far in my first steps of creating anew blog using Elegant Grunge have vanished thanks to your modding. However, when my header.png won’t show and I don’t know what’s wrong there. It did show when I used the original Elegant Grunge

    Thanks for your help

  • Jeremy Kossen Says:

    Thank you!! Great job! I loved the original Elegant Grunge but it wasted so much space. You saved me a ton of time on my site http://www.pr2seo.com. Thanks again. Great work.

  • Bizzyenuf Says:

    FYI – after I submit a reply to you, I always receive the “Sorry page not found” with search box. Shouldn’t it be a “Thank you reply submitted” message?

    Here’s pg I rec’d:

  • Bizzyenuf Says:

    Rubayat: OMG … DOH-DUH me! :p

    I was using your mod files to overwrite the existing EG default files … NO WONDER nothing was working correctly for me. DUH (again…lol)

    After re-reading your last message to me again this morning the “oh yeah!” lightbulb went on!!

    Have installed mod 1.1 with SUCCESS. :)

    TY TY and sorry for trouble. (I told you I wasn’t 100% technically savvy and I thought I was supposed to replace the files, not add in a whole new theme).

  • Sam Says:

    Awesome work!! Working great for me, kudos!

  • Bizzyenuf Says:

    Hi again Rubayat:
    Sry I am delayed in getting back to you. have been swamped with tending to my business.

    To briefly answer you, I have not yet attempted reinstalling mod. And, I AM aware of how switching themes works. But that doesn’t help me if your mod has “goofed up” certain things in EG. I still have to uninstall your mod files and then reinstall the default EG files if I want to keep EG as my WordPress theme.

    I’ll let you know what happens when I have time to play around with everything again.


  • Gib Says:

    I’d like to darken the font of posts and pages (without installing your entire modified version of the theme). Is it just a matter of me changing the color in one line of code? If so can you point me to that line?


  • Bizzyenuf Says:

    Hi Rubayat:
    Will you plez go and take a look at my post and reply. Would love to be able to implement your mods. TY :)


  • oniee Says:

    Hi Rubayat,

    like what you did with the theme. I’m using the same theme and did some modification on the images and text including some css changes.

    I wanted to ask what u change for:

    1. Width – i’ve seen the images but did you do some mod on the css and other files?

    2. Do you know how to completely change the date output the way you put your name and posted categories?


  • Dan Says:

    Hi, great work, I have only one problem with Contact Form 7, the submit button is positioned too low from the contact form and I don’t know how to put it right under the Message text box. You can check my page at http://www.adalisdesign.ro/blog/?page_id=130


  • Joe Perrin Says:

    Great theme thanks for modding it.

    Is there a way to hide the “Home” page from the top menu? I’m attempting to make the home page a static page and a page called “Blog” with all the posts.

    Problem is when I go to:

    Settings > Reading > A static page

    Then try to set the “Home” page to be static it’s not listed in the drop down as a page.

    So, if I create a page called “Home” then set that to be static it works the way I want… but now there are 2 listings in the top navigation menu for “Home”.

    I’d like to remove the original “Home” and use the page called “Home” that I created instead.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks for the great work. Keep it up.


  • Matt Says:

    I like the tweaks you’ve made, but I’ve been using the EG theme for a while and when trying to incorporate your body width mods, I’m still having trouble getting the body.jpg to line up. Did you have to edit the body.jpg image file as well? Thanks for your help.

  • Bibi Jordan Says:

    I like your modifications, but want to know if the header can be changed to show a photo?
    Also, can the header for different pages be different? I’m a wordpress newbie so appreciate your help! Thanks, Bibi

  • Patrick Says:

    The template does not seem to work when you have child pages linked to parent pages. Meaning that in the header, when I hover my mouse over the parent the child page does not show. It does work as a widget in the sidebar, but it would be great in the header. Let me know if that makes sense.

  • Patrick Says:

    http://www.landoleary.com/. It is only when the double right sidebar is used. It happens for me in both Firefox and IE7.

  • Patrick Says:

    Thank you so much. Your tweaks on this already great template make is even better. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Patrick Says:

    I would love to download a copy of this. I love the changes you have made. Please let me know if there is a download link. Thanks!

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